Before meeting the brand’s founder, Diondra M. Julian, at the Lingerie Selection in New York City, I felt like I had gabbed with her for hours over tea and spa masks. How you ask? SUZY BLACK‘s About Us page is everything. I’m a total mama’s girl so hearing how her mother influenced her love for feminine things, pulled me in.  Then I saw the craftsmanship of her stunning bodysuits and 2 piece sets (the DVF credentials weren’t shabby either) and had to meet this budding brand. What really made us fall in love with SUZY BLACK was their range of sizing. You mean these fierce garments were for bodies XS through 3X? The message that sends is huge and right in line with our mission–that all bodies deserve beautiful garments. We knew we had to bring their collection to Burgundy Fox.

Diondra M Julian

Since a young age, Diondra’s mother instilled in her a love for all things feminine. While she recalls growing up in a conservative home there was never an absence of glamour. Her mother’s perfumes, stilettos, lace nightgowns and long baths were all small touches her mother wove into her world of womanhood, to simply take care of herself, while taking care of others.

The day Diondra left Chicago for a college internship in New York City, Diondra’s mother gave her a box of lingerie she had curated over time, lacy nightgowns, silk camisoles and said, “This should get you started”.

Fast forward, Diondra launched Suzy Black in 2014 after spending 7 years as a technical designer with Diane Von Furstenberg. She now channels all that experience and her mother’s bold femininity into divine, couture-like collections.

Diondra says “A woman’s femininity is one of her most amazing assets. So many of us don’t embrace our femininity because we think it makes us weak, but quite the contrary—it is our power! And nothing speaks to this feminine power like a beautiful piece of lingerie. My mom knew this, she knew that this indulgence was about loving yourself just as you are, taking a moment to adorn yourself like a princess. That’s what SUZY BLACK represents, it is a gift to yourself, a moment to be free, to explore, to indulge, to surprise”.


We’re thrilled to partner with SUZY BLACK. Take a sneak peek at some the Fall/Winter Collection which we’re bringing to an upcoming Burgundy Fox box this fall.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.05.10 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.05.28 PM

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