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Laura Tully, Style & Wardrobe Expert

When I met Laura at a Rising Tide Society event in Los Angeles a year ago, I felt a special energy about her. It could have been the killer outfit and hair, but no–beyond that, she exuded an authentic, effortless, comfortable yet polished vibe all-at once–and after getting to know Laura better, I can see that this is her signature style. Laura more than styles, she brings all the glorious soul and unique  personality from the inside, out.  

She knows herself well and treasures the important things in life–ingredients to pull off that air of comfortable confidence I recognized immediately. We’re thrilled to welcome Laura to the Burgundy Fox Blog team as a Style Contributor. This means you’ll be seeing more of Laura in takeovers, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her styling projects, tons of style tips to take us from season to season feeling our best, and tips on how you can style your Burgundy Fox lingerie every month. Let’s jump into Q&A: 

Laura, we’re pretty sure you have the dream job. What’s it like to be a fashion stylist? As fashion and wardrobe stylist, my expertise in fashion goes beyond putting on a great outfit. When I work with my clients, I recognize their individual beauty. Through style, I’m able to show them ways to celebrate all of their strengths and personality in a modern, refined way. As a Personal Shopper, I work to bridge the gap between high fashion imagery in magazines and accessible everyday wear. I’m not here to copy what we see in magazines. I’m here to show you that beauty is self-love wrapped in confidence and can be delivered in a fabulous outfit that is all you.

Beauty is self-love wrapped in confidence.Tweet: Beauty is self-love wrapped in confidence. @burgundyfoxco https://ctt.ec/mct90+

I absolutely love that. Speaking of confidence, what gives you that unmistakable air of confidence? 
Being comfortable in my own skin. I use to feel it was necessary to constantly combat what I was naturally given. Long limbs that I wasn’t always certain what to do with, curly wild hair that wasn’t the norm around me and a boyish shape that made me feel less like a woman. I learned to appreciate my long limbs (can I grab that for you in the top cupboard? 😉 I stopped straightening my curly mane and a few slight curves popped up that made me appreciate the beauty of being a woman. The less you try to fit in, the better you fit with yourself and it can impact all areas of your life with purpose. Top that off with an outfit that slays and you can conquer anything. 

The less you try to fit in, the better you fit with yourself.Tweet: The less you try to fit in, the better you fit with yourself @burgundyfoxco https://ctt.ec/mct90+

How has that experience of learning over time, to embrace your natural self shaped your relationship with style and fashion?
My mission as a personal stylist and fashion blogger is to eliminate the exclusivity that can come with fashion. I want each and every person that I work with to know that he/ she can look and feel their most amazing self by embracing all that makes them unique.

You clearly honed your sense of style, when it comes to nurturing your soul, how do you show yourself love?

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.59.46 AM.png
Photo credit: @katenoelle

It’s a combination of things but many connecting with what gives me pure joy.  It can be as simple as Sunday mornings in bed with all my magazines that I have yet to devour. Vino and a heavy chat session with one or few of my best babes. Hanging with the hubby and my stepdaughter. Whether it’s skiing, rafting or camping, it allows me to reset. I can just be with them completely. No phones allowed 🙂

Going phone-free is so soul-restoring! I was enamored by your collaboration in the latest Belong Magazine. Can you tell us what you’re working on right now?
I’m working on a few collaboration projects with photographers and local brands. They’re people who inspire me and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to create with them. I was also invited to be the official wardrobe stylist sponsor for TEDx Boise. It’s been a blast getting to know and style a few of these awesome speakers. I’m also planning the details of my next fashion workshop and I cannot wait to share!  

Yes! It was fun watching your last workshop on Instagram Stories. Whoa, styling TEDx speakers?! How do you determine the right look to help these speakers further shine?
I’m intrigued by people and their stories. So I ask questions in an easy, I’m your homegirl kind of way and listen. It reveals a great deal. They have something important that’s worth sharing. That’s the power of TEDx. I work to connect the dots with their story and personality which allows their words to shine. The outfit acts as this awesome supporting role, anchoring them to feel and look their best.

Name one woman you admire and why?
That is a really hard question to answer, simply because I admire so many amazing women. I’ve started reading the biography of Harriet Tubman. Reading her story has certainly connected me to the relentless effort that goes along with claiming freedom. It dives into her life as a child and women driven with so much stacked against her. It’s this will that I’m humbled by and it gives me perspective when it comes to embracing my own courage. We have more than we can even begin to imagine.

We have more than we can even begin to imagine.Tweet: We have more than we can even begin to imagine @burgundyfoxco https://ctt.ec/mct90+

You can learn more about and contact Laura at www.lauratully.co. She’ll be sharing style tips regularly here on the Burgundy Fox blog and you can follow all her stylish adventures on Instagram at @lauratully.co   

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