We’re on Two Bright Lights!

Happy day! We are live on Two Bright Lights, a tool for creative professionals to have their work published on top-notch wedding and lifestyle publications. I’ve admired many of these publications for some time, so it’s exciting to see that we’re amongst these publications, but more so–we are excited to highlight your creative work!

We hope to be a home for boudoir, wedding and lifestyle content that celebrates all bodies and minds. Already, we have received the most stunning content–weddings, boudoir photoshoots, styled shoots–ranging from casual and relaxed to bold and extravagant. We love hearing the stories behind each creative work and look forward to highlighting the people and concepts behind the event or styled shoot.

In celebration of our partnership with you and Two Bright Lights, I’ll share a few of my favorite images from our last ‘casual boudoir’ photo shoot when I got to collaborate with 5 badass, hustling, real models who are stunning on the inside and out, and 2 creative bosses: wedding & boudoir photographer, Capture Life Moments Photography and makeup & hair stylist, Vamp by AJ. All lingerie and sleepwear was curated by Burgundy Fox.




Burgundy Fox Cassandra




If you loved the photography and styling, contact Colleen at Capture Life Moments Photography and AJ fromVamp by AJ. Visit our site to learn more about how we curate lingerie & sleepwear for all bodies.

If you have photos to submit, head on over toTwo Bright Lights and submit them to Burgundy Fox! We are looking for summer and fall content now.


One time (11) copyLeslie Wong is the Founder of Burgundy Fox, a subscription lingerie brand on a mission to celebrate all bodies and empower women to love themselves. Burgundy Fox strives to create a more inclusive shopping experience and a kinder message about beauty for women now and in the future.

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