This Month

This Month’s Theme: Enjoy


We chose enjoy for our July theme because of the many opportunities this month presents to have fun with family, friends or simply to celebrate yourself, be it loudly or quietly.

Maybe celebrate this month means treating yourself to a Burgundy Fox subscription or dancing the night away in style. Remember that enjoying yourself doesn’t have to mean posting it on the internet, but if you do share a happy moment, tag us @burgundyfox with the hashtag #EnjoyJuly to spread the word.

With joy comes gratitude, so express gratitude to whoever or whatever makes you happy. Maybe it’s the constant support of your family or trying a different look. Pretend that July is the peak of a mountain top, and at this peak you are mindful. You see the nature and work and meaning around you and enjoy that sight.

Okay…we know this isn’t going to actually happen, but take time to treat yourself like the queen of the universe. The walk down from that peak will be a relief, and you’ll feel centered and ready to work.

We can’t wait to share what July will bring here at Burgundy Fox. Make sure to follow us @BurgundyFoxCo on Instagram and like our Facebook page. Empowerment is our way of celebrating.


The Burgundy Fox Team




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