Meet the Burgundy Fox Interns


Nicole Fallert


Who she is

I’m a digital marketing intern at Burgundy Fox who focuses on blog and podcast content. I curate every part of this blog, from the homepage design to the writing to the graphics. I also work with contributing writers, brainstorm upcoming material and research new brands to feature in Burgundy Fox boxes. In addition to managing our blog, I’ve taken advantage of the exciting opportunity to launch our brand new podcast, Seamless! On Seamless, I interview accomplished and up-and-coming women entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who have inspiring stories to share. I study journalism at Northwestern University and am originally from Pennsylvania.

Why she chose Burgundy Fox

I trained in classical ballet for seventeen years. When I was a little girl, I always thought all women were petite like the prima ballerinas. It took me a long time to accept my body as it was, even if it meant I didn’t have the “perfect” dancer’s form. I love that Burgundy Fox is championing empowerment of the mind and body. I think one of this company’s biggest strengths is its focus on the celebration of all women.

3 Fun Facts
  1. I have traveled to Europe and Asia
  2. I studied ballet from the ages of 3 to 17
  3. I’m passionate about bookstores, art museums and vintage shopping

Stephanie Aguilar


Who she is

I’m a born & raised Chicago girl. I’m passionate about making people smile–It gives me great joy to know I had a part in adding a little shine to someone’s day, through my work, creating something new, dancing, or cracking jokes. I’m a Digital Marketing Intern for Burgundy Fox, and I absolutely love it! Meanwhile, I am in a Master’s program at DePaul University studying digital marketing and communications.

Why she chose Burgundy Fox

I love Burgundy Fox because I am a firm believer in good karma and doing something that can change the world. The values Burgundy Fox has are honest & what our generation needs right now. Being able to do good & being mindful of all women’s bodies is empowering. This summer I’ll be working on optimizing our website, email marketing, Facebook and Pinterest marketing.

3 Fun Facts

  1. I can ballroom dance and have competed in the past
  2. I’m a proud pug mom, her name is Foxy Cleopatra!
  3. I’ve recently started learning how to DJ

Kourtnie Nunley


Who she is

I’m the Social Media Intern at Burgundy Fox. I help curate the content for our social media platforms and manage relationships with our brand ambassadors.

Why she chose Burgundy Fox

I chose to work for Burgundy Fox because it is a start-up that has so much potential for growth. Burgundy Fox also aligns with my own personal goal of starting my own e-commerce business. I knew that a position with this company would be a stepping stone in the right direction for me.

3 Fun Facts

  1. I am a very proud big sister
  2. I have at least one piece of chocolate every week
  3. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss no matter my career field






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