Raw and Empowering Boudoir

We connected with photographers, Smith & Smith, who are creators of the women empowerment community, Cuddle Bunny Coven. They host traveling boudoir pop-ups all around the nation that help women discover and promote positive feelings about their bodies, exactly as they are.  This boudoir shoot is from a recent Cuddle Bunny Coven and features Sasha, whose intention was to love her body unconditionally.










Cuddle Bunny Coven Manifesto

We understand that self-love is complicated so we don’t presume to tell you how you should feel, look or be.

We are a coven because:

The world has been using our bodies for centuries reducing us to our basic parts that only tell a fraction of our stories.
Because our bodies are used to sell everything from men’s deodorant to car insurance
Because there is so much scrutiny, shame, attention and competition imposed on our bodies that we want to create a safe space to commemorate, communicate & heal.
Because being in our bodies is being connected to our inner world and we are entitled to explore our thoughts, dreams and pleasures.
Because there is a gold mine of experiences under our skin that make us who we are presently.
Because one dimensional binaries are rules we enjoy breaking.
Because loving ourselves is a revolution
started within to protest a world that wants us to believe we are not worthy as is.
Because nothing is more intimate or powerful than vulnerability
Because our skin holds the cosmos underneath
Because we carry our ancestors history
Because our eyes have seen joy and pain and keep seeing
Because our hair hides the story of our greatest pleasures and insecurities
Because my fucking body is never yours
it’s mine to give, to love and to celebrate.

Photographers: Rabbit Hearted Girls, Alicia Diamond & Perry Fish

Model: Sasha

To learn more about The Cuddle Bunny Coven, visit their site and follow them on Instagram at @cuddlebunnycoven 

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