This is just a short excerpt for the about page.


IL3A1947 (1)Hey! I’m Leslie, the founder of Burgundy Fox. Thank you for being here and sharing in our mission. I want to share how all this came about and why I think lingerie matters.

First, a little about me: I was lucky to get the curvy gene from my dad. My family and their friends called me “little fatty” (in Chinese) all throughout my pre-pubescent years, until I suddenly lost weight and sprouted hips. As a teenager, I was liked, hated and shamed to tears because of my body and what I chose to do with it. In college, I spent months researching breast implants, believing it was the key to social acceptance forever. For nearly 10 years, I was ‘laid back’ and put myself second, until I learned to stop basing my self-worth on other people’s judgement (read: stopped giving shits). It wasn’t until I found yoga and career satisfaction, that I gained true confidence and found unconditional love. I have gone at least 3 years without stepping on a scale and judge my health on how I feel. I’m a proud Aunt to an incredibly bright niece who deserves to live in a world where she doesn’t judge or limit herself based on her physical appearance, but gains confidence by what she knows is on the inside.

Burgundy Fox was born out of these frustrating realities that many women face throughout life resulting from societal standards. When I shopped for lingerie, it was so apparent there was change that needed to happen. Mainstream media tells us looking beautiful by society’s standard means being tall and thin, with full breasts, a smooth butt and thighs that gap. We’ve been shown through these same messages that lingerie is for the viewer’s fantasy and enjoyment, not the wearer.

These ideals are ingrained so deeply in the minds of women and men that it has discouraged ‘real’ women from being able to love their bodies or wear lingerie to celebrate body-confidence. Lingerie should be about finding comfort in your skin and loving yourself-body, mind and soul. Without self-confidence, how can we reach our full potential to achieve greatness for ourselves and future generations? This is our opportunity to be the change we want to see in the world.

Burgundy Fox is modern lingerie delivered. We remove the barriers to entry by curating premium lingerie brands that cater to all body types and sizes, ordered online and delivered to your door monthly, quarterly or for special celebrations.

The world needs love, and it starts with you–loving yourself! Thank you for being here and joining this journey with me. Whether you’re on the path to finding body confidence, owning your world like the Nasty Woman you are, or on a mission to empower women–your stories inspire us and we’d love to hear from you!


Leslie Wong